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WELCOME to my first blog post! I'm kinda new here (if you can't tell), but I come bearing the enthusiasm that every new website/blog owner will surely relate to. For those of you that have clicked on without reading the 'about me' section, please do so now (otherwise this might be confusing)... Anyways, now that we have hopefully broken the ice between us -- which is hard because of the screen + distance -- let's get back to business :)

I don't want to be stating the obvious, but someone has to. Yes, I blabber a lot. It's actually one of the main reasons that you're on this site, reading this blog...

Let's go back in time, say 19 years to be exact? Born in Istanbul, Turkey I came into this world knowing nothing but the cozy comfort of my home. When I was 3 years old, my parents decided it was time to move. 3 year old me thought moving would mean MOVING closer to my grandparents, or even MOVING to a bigger house. It was safe to say that the MOVING my parents were talking about was the kind where you pack all of your stuff into boxes and take them with you across the world (about an 8,000km flight) to a whole new continent, with a whole new language. Of course, 3 year old me soon found out that just as I was getting the hang of speaking a couple words of Turkish, I would have to learn English. Things were rushed, I celebrated my 4th birthday with all of my loved ones before landing on an 10 hour plane ride to Toronto, Canada.

The first few months were tough. I would cry all day, clueless of what my preschool teachers were saying. All I wanted was to go back. Months turned into years and years turned into... well decades (kinda). I am thankful to say that I am now a 19 year old Engineering Student at McMaster University, who not only knows how to speak Turkish and English, but also French (you can thank my parents for that). Ever since the first flight, I've also travelled to 13+ countries, continuing to expand culturally.

Time really does mold you, right? Or maybe it's the experiences that change you. One second I was alone crying about wanting to go back to my home town, the next I'm an individual who loves the idea of learning new languages and visiting new countries. Enough about me, scroll down below and become a part of this family. You won't regret itttt.

If you have gotten this far, I congratulate you :)

stay tuned for more content,

P.S. I promise that it will be a lot less about me, and a lot more about my experiences + tips.

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